Celebrating Our Volunteers

RMHCCIN volunteers gathered to celebrate one another.On October 29, staff celebrated the wonderful volunteers that make it possible for the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms to provide families with a caring, comfortable experience.

The 50+ volunteers in attendance had a chance to be on the receiving end of care for a change, with staff serving breakfast, recognizing anniversaries, celebrating milestones, and honoring those volunteers who go above and beyond with Lori Kleiman Awards:

Gail Bennett accepts a Lori Kleiman Award Gail Bennett
Gail has volunteered with the House since 2015, taking it upon herself to always make sure our pantries are well organized and thoroughly stocked, even when resources are limited. Gail is known for her calm, kind demeanor and for having a patient ear with guests.
Terri Haynes accepts a Lori Kleiman Award Terri Haynes
Terri joined the volunteer team in 2019, using her first years at the House to make a big impact. She served as an integral part of our volunteer engagement audit committee. Terri is always seeking additional ways to increase her impact in every shift.
Pete Wojtowicz accepts a Lori Kleiman Award Pete Wojtowicz
More than 35 years ago Pete took his love of golf and used it to fundraise for (then called) Ronald McDonald House of Indiana. This year’s Swing for Kids Golf Tournament raised $210,000 for RMHCCIN. Pete was featured in our previous issue as part of our 40 From Our 40 interview initiative.