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Family Embellishment

Who We Serve

We serve families in need of a place to rest and regroup during the hardest time of their lives.

Caring for Families of Sick Children Throughout Indiana

Seeing a child get sick or hurt drastically changes life for a family.

Families can spend days, weeks, or months inside a hospital caring for a child. When a family needs to focus on their child, coping with the stress of finding that next meal or figuring out where to stay tomorrow can just be too much. That’s where we step in.

At Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana, we support families so they can focus on healing together.



Serving All Pediatric Hospitals in Indianapolis

We’re at the crossroads of the Crossroads of America.

From Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, we’re a home for families looking for comfort, care, and a place to rest their heads. We’re at the center of the state, and you’re at the center of our mission.

Indianapolis is home to some of the region’s leading hospitals for children, and our doors are open to all their families. Sicknesses and injuries don’t discriminate. Our care is universal.

Our Impact: A 3-Year Average

Family Embellishment

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Sleep Embellishment

Overnight Stays

Stay With Us

A part of caring for your child is caring for yourself. We know how tough that can be, which is why we work so hard to ease the burden.

Create Your Home Away From Home

At the Ronald McDonald House, day-to-day needs are covered by a compassionate team that puts the well-being of families first.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Private rooms to rest your head
  • Things to do to keep siblings busy
  • Snacks and warm meals
  • Support from staff and other families

You take care of your family – we’ll take care of you.

Learn How to Stay With Us

For the Child

A child in the hospital relies on the medical staff to take care of them. At our House, families find the strength they need to be present and support their child. Keeping families together has been shown to improve a child’s medical outcomes.

For the Siblings

Having a sick sibling isn’t easy. Lives are turned upside down and any sense of normal can be ripped away. At our House, siblings can get back to normal: do homework, play games, or enjoy some quiet time. We work to help siblings feel special and cared for. 

Part of the Indianapolis Community of Care

For 40 years, the Indianapolis community has been involved in our mission. Families, philanthropists, scout troops, business leaders, sports teams, church organizations, and more — we’ve brought together everyone to care for strangers going through the unimaginable.

What happens when strangers help strangers? They become connected. We become united. We meet at the crossroads of care, and become a community.

Join Us By Volunteering Your Time

Get Involved

A Helping Hand Goes a Long Way

With the support from volunteers and donors, thousands of families will have a place to rest their head, take a hot shower, and enjoy a warm meal throughout their child’s recovery.

Whether you want to donate your time, cooking skills, or make a financial gift, your effort to support a family leaves a lasting impact.

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