40 From Our 40: The Daywalt Family

Typically, the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House deal with the illness or injury of a sick child. However, in the case of the Daywalt family, it was the family’s patriarch, Scott, who was being treated when his family found themselves in need of a home away from home. Scott Daywalt had a liver transplant in 2002, after receiving tainted blood in a transfusion after a tragic car accident.

Debbie Daywalt, Scott’s wife writes, “For us, (staying at RMH) alleviated the financial burden of having to pay for lodging and meals while Scott healed.” Debbie, Scott, their two children Ryan and Lesley, and even Scott’s parents Don and Ginny stayed in one of our apartments while Scott’s transplant was monitored and he healed.

“You will never forget the generosity you receive at a critical time in your life.” Debbie writes. “When I think of RMH, I think of what a blessing it was at one of the most challenging times of our lives. This challenge was made easier by the generosity of others!”

By Robin Chalmers

Heart & Hearth Winter 2022