40 From Our 40: Jo Plant

Jo Plant smiling at the Ronald McDonald House front desk

The House is a haven for families in crisis, but volunteers find needed solace here as well. Take Jo Plant, for example. She celebrates 25 years of service this year.

Jo came to Indianapolis in 1995 with her husband, Hugh, to be closer to their daughter. Wanting to be active participants in their new community, they took a Master Gardener class that required 40 hours activating their new skills. They did that at the House grounds starting in 1997. Soon, Jo was also volunteering in Guest Services, a post she kept after Hugh passed away in 2012.

When Hugh was in hospice care, Jo’s time at the House became a needed escape and a place of personal comfort. She’s been amazed by the breadth of corporations and individuals whose support makes it possible for the House to offer so much to so many.

“The House is a haven,” she says. “It is much more than four walls. It is a welcoming, warm place for everyday people whose children are facing unbelievable health challenges. When they have had a difficult day, they look to us because they know here, they will find a quiet and safe place to deal with their emotions. A simple smile, a warm meal, a place to stay close to their child, can help them regroup and know that tomorrow will be better.”

By Mary Friend

Heart & Hearth Summer 2022