40 From Our 40: Beth Belange-Hood and Sun King Brewery & Spirits

Beth Belange-HoodRonald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana’s pop tab program often starts a path to philanthropy for many young people. Beth Belange-Hood was in the third grade when her elementary school began collecting tabs for the House.

She is now the marketing and promotions director for Sun King Brewery & Spirits, leading their new Sun King Collect Your Tabs Challenge. They collected about 400 pounds in 2021, and more than doubled that to 900 pounds in 2022.

Beth shares why she and Sun King are so excited to support RMHCCIN: “It’s so vitally important to keep families together during tough times, to give them a place where they feel comfortable, safe, loved, and cared for. The small acts of kindness that are given to these families in need while they are staying at the House are so helpful for the healing process.”

By Max Catterson

Heart & Hearth Winter 2022