Important Health & Safety Information

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the world, and Ronald McDonald House is not immune to its effects. Following the guidance of our global headquarters, the expertise of local hospitals, and the Indiana Department of Health, we have made significant, but temporary, changes to House operations:
  • We have suspended the use of volunteers, meal groups and service groups,
  • We are no longer conducting tours or accepting guest visitors,
  • All staff not essential for core House operations have been asked to work from home,
  • We have suspended acceptance of new families into RMHCCIN programs,
  • We have temporarily closed the Ronald McDonald House in Riley Hospital, lending the space to hospital staff for respite.
Although we will not be accepting new families into the house at this time, these changes have a profound impact on the families currently staying at the House, who will continue to be our guests as long as they have the need.
Our priority is to keep the House clean, our pantries well stocked, and our families healthy and comfortable. To do this, we have had to pay for services we once were able to rely upon volunteers to provide.
We recognize this is a challenging time for everyone as we adjust to our new norms. And we know that this situation has caused not only worries for our health, but also created financial strain for many as well. If you are well and able we are reaching out to our RMH community of supporters for help now and to be best prepared to return to our normal services when this crisis passes. 
We continue to rely on donations to maintain operations and are in urgent need of the items below to replenish and maintain our pantry and provide cleaning supplies for our families. For your safety and convenience, donations can be shipped directly to the House, or left between our two front doors.
Thank you for being a part of our family and for your support. Even though these are uncertain times and our world changes daily, there is one thing that is certain, we stand ready for the day our rooms are once again filled with families turning our House into a Home.
Stay well and take care of each other,
Karin Ogden