Meet Mac, Chief Cheer Officer of RMHCCIN!


Hey, friends! I’m Mac, Chief Cheer Officer and therapy dog for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana!

I am an Australian labradoodle, and like all Ronald McDonald House staff, my position as Chief Cheer Officer requires specific education and training. In fact, I spent the first six months of my life learning from the most amazing trainers at Ultimate Canine in Westfield, IN. They then generously donated me to the House. Not to brag, but I think it was a perfect match! (My high energy and goofy personality can bring a smile to anyone in need.)

As an Australian labradoodle, I enjoy learning new things and am quick to learn special tasks – which come in handy! My favorite command is “knuckles”—that’s where I get to hold hands with my friends. Australian labradoodles are also hypoallergenic, which means I get to play with all of the children at the House, even those who may have a suppressed immune system or be allergic to other dogs. Sometimes I do get tired because there are so many children and families who need a little love, but it feels really good when I see their faces light up and forget their troubles while we are together. I just might be the luckiest dog in the world!

If I’m feeling a little ‘ruff’, my friends at Parkside Animal Hospital have graciously offered to cover all of my veterinary services (like when I had a recent toothache and needed an extraction)! To help me always look my best, Tim and his crew at Cleopetra Luxury Pet Services have also donated their services whenever I’m in need of some VIP (very important puppy) treatment; which includes a shampoo, haircut and so much more! Lastly, my new friends at Defenders have offered their assistance to me in my community outreach program—now more people will be able to learn about all the smiles and cuddles I bring to the families at the House. With the help of these four giving companies, my friends at RMHCCIN can focus on keeping families close®!

I love getting to spend time with the tiny humans and their families.



P.S. I’m a pretty photogenic pup! Be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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Big thanks to my partners who keep me happy, healthy and able to help families in need!