Host a Family Activity

Are you good at crafts or maybe leading a game night? Think of the kinds of things you, your family and friends like to do together in your spare time and come share with our families.

Planning an activity that our families can do together can help alleviate stress and give our families some much-needed time together. Activities can include leading a craft, putting on a game night, entertaining families with performances or offering a wellness service to our families. Come share activities with our guest families that your family and friends enjoy doing together. Examples are listed below and can be found on our Pinterest page. However, we love new ideas and encourage groups to be creative and bring new activities to the House!

  • Game Night 
  • House Scavenger Hunt
  • Flower Arranging
  • Scrapbooking
  • Spa Night
  • Indoor Carnival

To schedule an activity or to learn more about our opportunities, please contact Marci Corbin, Family Experience Coordinator, at (317) 267-0605, ext. 210 or by e-mail at