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For less than $1/day, you can support families of hospitalized children.

By joining our Family Tree, your monthly donation helps build a foundation of support for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana (RMHCCIN).


Why Give Monthly?


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It’s affordable.

Invest in an amount that is meaningful to you. Monthly giving allows you to budget and spread out your gift over time. No matter the size, your monthly donation will join with other Family Tree gifts to stock our pantries, provide comfortable accommodations, family game nights and so much more. 

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It’s convenient.

Each month, your credit card will be processed for your determined amount. Automatic giving alleviates the hassle of mailing checks or giving numerous gifts online. Your donation never expires and you can change your donation amount, switch credit cards or end your monthly donation at any time.

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It’s sustainable.

By joining our RMHCCIN Family Tree, you’re helping provide a valuable source of reliable revenue to best support our families.

Imagine the Impact Your Gift Can Make in the Life of a Family


family photo with text: $25/month (83¢ per day) can help cover the cost of supplies & activities to provide families a break from the stress of the hospital. Followed by Donate button
family photo with text: $50/month ($1.60 per day) can help ensure families always have milk for a bowl of cereal, a quick lunch to energize during long days at the hospital & so much more. Followed by Donate button
family photo with text: $75/month ($2.50 per day) can cover the cost of laundry detergent & supplies so our families have the basic comfort of clean clothes & fresh linens at no cost to them. Followed by Donate button
family photo with text: $100/month ($3.33 per day) can give the greatest gift of all: togetherness. You can cover the full cost of a nightly stay for a family each month. Followed by Donate button

Perks of Being a Part of Our Family Tree

As a thank you, Family Tree members receive special updates and perks. Benefits of joining our Family Tree include:

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A handwritten thank you card from an RMHCCIN family after your first gift. Exclusive semi-annual updates including stories, photos and quotes from families you are helping to support. Invitations to exclusive Family Tree member events. Your name listed on
our donor Family Tree 



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