Family Finds Comfort and Stability During the Holidays


Three-year-old Hunter, from Jonesboro, AR, was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, a condition in which intestinal nerve cells fail to form properly during fetal development. The condition causes malnutrition and bowel obstruction as a result of the missing nerve cells. The only viable treatment for Hunter was a small bowel transplant.

Hunter’s parents quit their jobs, sold virtually everything they owned and moved 450 miles away from their family and friends so they could be close to Hunter’s doctors at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. The search was on for a warm roof over their heads, a place they could call home while they waited for news of a transplant. “The House saved us,” Bobby said. “We spent every dime we had on hotels, amounting to $200 a week. We only had $800. When we needed help the most, the Ronald McDonald House took us in.”

After years of struggling, 4-year-old Hunter is now healthier than ever thanks to his transplant.