After defying the odds and astounding doctors with his strength, Jameson passed away on January 20, 2011 of a rare heart defect. Jameson spent the entire six months of his life in Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. His family (mom, dad and three sisters) was able to be with him continually because of the House.

“His story is for all to tell,” Jameson’s father said. “He is responsible for teaching surgeons new techniques and he challenged the doctors daily with his refusal to follow the book. He had the greatest medical minds in the country, and perhaps the world, scratching their heads over how to help next. He is responsible for helping design a new mechanical mitral valve for future situations like his.”

Jameson’s family became part of our family here at Ronald McDonald House. By living at our House, Jameson’s family could see their baby every day and give him the support he needed. “Your home is not your house . . . your home is where your family is,” said Jameson’s father.